Untitled, 2007, Louise Bourgeois
The Waiting Hours, 2007, Louise Bourgeois
Untitled, 2006, Louise Bourgeois
Untitled, 2006, Luoise Bourgeois
Untitled (Cat), 1996, Untitled (Five Arms), 1996, Louise Bourgeois
Dawn, 2006, Louise Bourgeois
Untitled, 2005, Louise Bourgeois
Untitled, 2003, Untitled, 2003, Untitled, 2003, Louise Bourgeois
Sonia Delaunay, Design 1044: textile designs, fabric samples. France, 1930. Produced by Metz & Co, 1931. Printed cotton georgette.
Sonia Delaunay, Tissu simultané fabric samples. France, 1926. Block-printed silk crêpe de chine.
Sonia Delaunay, Metz & Co fabric book with Design 1317. France, 1934. Gouache and ink on paper with silk swatches.
Sonia Delaunay, textile design fabric sample. France 1928.
Sonia Delaunay, Design 1152: textile design, fabric samples. France, 1932. Produced by Metz & Co, 1933. Printed silk.